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Need medical attention, but not sure what to do?


Below are some frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered here, please contact us and we will do our best to answer your questions.


I'm not sure if I need to see a doctor...


Not sure if you need to see a doctor? Call TELEHEALTH to speak to a nurse who will assess your situation and help you decide whether you should care for yourself, see your doctor or the doctor on-call, or go to the hospital.


The nurses are very helpful and a report is always sent to your doctor when you call. You can call TELEHEALTH for anything from deciding if you need to see the doctor to information on illness/injury, chronic illness, or even teen health and lifestyle issues.


The nurses are available on the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and it is FREE to call.


CALL: 1-866-553-7205


Visit the Ontario Government Health Website for more information:


I need to see the doctor for a routine issue (refill a prescription, check my blood pressure, get a form filled out, and so on)

Call your doctor's office to book an appointment.


I am sick or my child/spouse/family member is sick


If it is NOT an emergency, you should follow these steps in this order:


1) Call your doctors office to see if you can book an appointment.


2) If your doctor is away, or for after-hours clinics, check the Clinic Schedule to determine which doctor is covering for your doctor, and contact/visit their office for assistance.


3) Go to your nearest Urgent Care Centre (such as St. Joseph's Urgent Care in London, Ontario) or Emergency Room. It is a GOOD IDEA to CALL TELEHEALTH or try Option #1 or #2 FIRST, as there can be very long wait times in the Urgent Care and Emergency Rooms as patients are seen based on the urgency of their situation.


4) Visit a Walk-in Clinic. We recommend this last because we believe in communication and continuity of care for our patients - this is not always possible with walk-in clinics and this is usually not the best option for patients. Please contact one of the doctors in this group before visiting a walk-in clinic.


I have an emergency


Follow these steps in an Emergency:




2) Visit your nearest Emergency Room


CLICK HERE for a List of Emergency Rooms in LONDON, ON.


An emergency can be any of these situations:


  • difficulty breathing

  • chest pain/pressure lasting more than 10 minutes

  • sudden dizziness or vision problems

  • an unconscious person (you can't wake them up)

  • someone who is bleeding a lot and you can't control the bleeding or a body part has been cut off or partially cut off

  • severe abdominal pain

  • an injury such as a fall, a head injury, or a badly broken bone

  • any other situations that you feel require immediate medical attention

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